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merry christmas!!!

and happy new year!!!
I know it's late but I just wanted to use my lovely icon made by blurubberband55
Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year

This time last year it was all excitment for the BFI screening.
I miss those days :(
But on a happy(?) note - Skins 5 soon, and HOPEFULLY, maybe, a Skins movie :)


I want Skins movie!!!!

Last night the inbetweeners was ace, but how do the inbetweeners get 3 series when sixth form is two years? Not that i'm complaining but i'm sure gen 2 could have had another series.

Also, just like Skins it's getting an American version and a MOVIE!

They've already started filming the movie yet the script isn't finished while there's no news about the Skins move :'(

I wany lilykat back!

Hope you're all good :)


HEY :)

I haven't posted in a while so HEY
As Skins isn't on haven't had anything to say - but I just finished watching the very first Gen1 episode!
Never watched it the whole way through before, just sort of started it got to the 'Mad Twatter' part and turned it off.
I didn't like it as much as gen2, although I have only seen one ep :/
I really love Chris :) He is awesome
I also like Anwar and Cassie.
I hated Sid (why do people love him?) and didn't like Maxxie that much.

So yeah, that is all.
Um...anyone not a fan of gen1?

(Laura where are you fool?)

S4 list

Okay, I am BORED so I decided on my favourite - least liked episode list;
1. Katie
2. Everyone
3. Cook
4. Emily
5. JJ
6. Freddie (Yeah I can't decide between the last three but Katie was an angel in this)
7. Thomas (Naomily kissed)
8. Effy
Now you go!


I have just woke up with the worst hangover known to man and remembering Skins was on tonight made me very happy yet very sad as it is the last ever episode with this cast.
There have been both bad and GOOD times this series and I hope this episode contains loads of the latter.
Anyway, Happy Skins Finale Day to you all
(p.s Laura gets a tag)


Skins DVD

A week today the Skins S4 dvd will be out. I can't believe it has gone by so quickly :(
Anyway, looking forward to the last episode and hoping for the final scene to be Freddie and Sophia in the clouds pining over their lost loves.
ETA The cloud scene was created by fab fairy, aka Laura, aka my soon to be daughter in law (HAPPY)

New Clip spoiler

Waiting on someone to hurry the frick up and watch last nights episode and the new clip!

My small opinion on new clip and stuffCollapse )


Hate Smex FTW

Okay, so third fic.
Um... this is different from the others, if it is seriously shit I blame Laura aka fab_fairy

 so by no means am I saying this is good, but it happened.
Created out of boredom and the fact hate smex fixes everything
Comment if you want but please don't tell me to die because it is so shit,
Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Laura (for Sunday)

hate!smexCollapse )



Stupid LJ...

Okay, random stuff but for two days I have been trying to sort out my stupid LJ layout, I realise on the computer it has always looked weird but I only go on it on my phone so it has never bothered me.
However, yesterday it went weird on my phone so I have been looking at new styles but none of them work well on my phone.
So I have gone back to this which looks crap, but I have no choice.
Sorry for the weird looking LJ and the rant.


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